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Product Specifications: Federal Poster Size - 24" x This guarantee is valid for the term of your paid Poster Guard protection and has no maximum reimbursement for qualified government fines. Labor Law Posters. Employee Handouts. Priority Number Details. Apply What's This? View Larger Image.

Arizona Labor Law Poster Service.

Arizona Labor Law Poster Update 3/14

Add to wish list. Sign up for Email Alerts. This posting appears on the Arizona Combination Poster. Read more. The new law requires employers to provide mandatory sick time. How do I renew my subscription service? Department of Labor DOL regulates and enforces laws that protect American workers and business owners.

It also details any penalties and fines for violating the act. Issuing a pay stub Employees are covered as part of a sufficiently large business or as individual workers. This can be as apparent as regularly crossing state lines, or as subtle as routinely corresponding with people in different states.

MSEC Employment Law Posters – FAQs - Employers Council Blog

Exempt vs. The FLSA covers minimum wage, overtime, and child labor regulations. Covered workers can be either exempt or non-exempt from 1 or all regulations. A substantial portion of the U. S workforce is classified as non-exempt from the FLSA. Unless your employees fall into the categories provided by the FLSA, they are likely non-exempt. However, some workers are exempt from the FLSA in part or as a whole.

Some are really specific, like the exemption for newspaper delivery. Because children delivered newspapers in the early 20th century, there are exemptions for minimum wage, overtime, and certain child labor regulations.

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Minimum wage The FLSA provides parameters for the federal minimum wage, which is the minimum per-hour amount that non-exempt workers can be paid for work performed. Some states also have a minimum wage law that might be higher than the federal rate. Minimum wage exceptions are made for specific worker types, including workers with disabilities, full-time students, workers under the age of 20 , tipped employees , and student learners.

Pay raises above the federal minimum wage, as well as extra compensation for night, weekend, or holiday work are not covered. Any such increase is generally determined by an agreement between the employer and the employee.

Labor law poster subscription service

In this case, employers are not required to pay these employees the federal or state minimum wage. Many states have provisions in place specifically for compensating tipped employees. If you employ tipped workers, be sure to carefully review these rules. As with the normal minimum wage, tipped employees are entitled to the highest rate, whether mandated by the federal or state government.

Time off The FLSA does not contain provisions for paid time off , including vacation, sick days, or holidays.

There is no federal requirement for small businesses to offer these benefits to their employees, but some state legislatures have discussed doing so. Offering paid time off is your choice, and by doing so you can attract and retain top talent. Paid breaks No federal law requires businesses to provide paid breaks to employees. In contrast to the federal government, many states require workers to receive a certain number of paid breaks per hours worked. Paid meal periods No federal law requires companies to provide workers with paid meal periods, but many states do have such laws.

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

Many of these states have implemented separate regulations for different industries, so be sure to read all the requirements carefully. Additionally, there is no federal law that requires double-time pay for hours worked. There are some exceptions for certain industries. These are relevant for public services such as police officers and firefighters employed by public agencies and hospitals and nursing homes.

In addition to FLSA overtime regulations, some states have further provisions regulating overtime compensation and rules.

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Child labor Children under the age of 14 cannot be employed for most jobs. However, many exceptions exist. At any age, children are permitted to deliver newspapers, perform in radio, television or movies, work in businesses owned by their parents except mining or hazardous work , babysit, or perform minor chores in a private residence. There are special considerations outlined for agricultural employment.

Many states also have specific age requirements for child labor. Failure to do so may result in hefty fines and can open up your business to possible legal action by current and former employees. Whatever your craft, one things is certain. W-2 Under the Fair Labor Standards Act FLSA , which also includes guidelines on minimum wage, overtime, and child labor, there are 2 ways to classify the people who work for you.

You are not responsible for paying overtime, unless that is part of the agreement with your contractor. W These employees are guaranteed various protections that contractors are not. For W-2 employees, you are responsible for handling Social Security and Medicare withholdings, paying state and federal taxes and other applicable payroll taxes, and paying for workers compensation and unemployment insurance.

You are also required to pay at least minimum wage and overtime. Failure to meet any of these requirements can result in fines and sanctions from the IRS. The IRS has a detailed description of employer responsibilities to W-2 employees. W-2 employee calculator. Make sure labor law posters are visible Businesses of all sizes are required to display federal and state labor law posters at every location. Posters must be placed in a highly-visible location where someone might work. This includes your garage, home office, or anywhere else work might happen.

Many business owners use a Poster Compliance Service to get automatic deliveries of up-to-date federal and state posters when laws change. Follow all anti-discrimination laws Anti-discrimination laws must be considered through the hiring, management, and termination lifecycle of an employee.

Violation of these laws come with hefty fines. Depending on the business, this can include providing safe equipment, protective wear, and safety training, or installing compliant emergency stations. OSHA provides free consultations to make sure your working environment is safe.

You need to supply your employees with information about the Health Insurance Marketplace, regardless of whether or not you provide health insurance. Learn more about how the ACA affects small businesses. QuickBooks Payroll surveyed more than 1, small business owners across the U. Small businesses are more compliant than big businesses People assume bigger organizations are on top of laws and regulations. Full survey results. The margin of error is larger for subgroups. Ready to get easy, affordable payroll for your business?

Important offers, pricing details, and disclaimers. Washington law does not allow employers to take a tip credit against minimum wage for tipped employees. Optional labor law posters reflecting the increase are currently available in English and Spanish. Washington has the highest minimum wage, followed by Oregon, which recently announced its minimum wage will rise 1.

It is taken care of for you. Failure to display the most up-to-date workplace posters could cost your business significant fines and penalties. Check to see if your labor law posters are current. Sign up for PrimePay blog updates! View the discussion thread. About PrimePay Experts.