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Stewart Burns
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Fellow Baptist minister Ralph Abernathy , who became King's close friend and confidant, joined eagerly and served as the most effective boycott mobilizer after King.

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Most walked to work or school, carpooled with friends, took taxis, or hitchhiked. Her young lawyer, Fred Gray , appealed the ruling.

Montgomery Bus Boycott

That night, King gave a powerful speech to several thousand people assembled for the first of many MIA mass meetings held in black churches. The participants voted overwhelmingly to continue the protest until officials met their demands for fairer treatment.

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At the outset white officials and opinion leaders believed that the bus boycott would collapse quickly and that blacks were not capable of a long-term protest campaign. The white community solidified in opposition, spurred by growth of the local White Citizens' Council , but a few brave white citizens, such as Virginia and Clifford Durr and city librarian Juliette Hampton Morgan , supported the civil rights effort.

Car Pooling During the Montgomery Bus Boycott The bus boycott carried on, supported by virtually all of Montgomery's 40, black residents more than one-third of the city population. The MIA created a highly efficient carpool system managed by women leaders, one of many vital roles that women performed. City officials negotiated with MIA leaders, who had initiated talks in late December The officials made no concessions, however, and talks broke down in January. When it became evident that the boycott would continue indefinitely, and that the bus company which supported an end to segregated seating might be put out of business, the city commissioners adopted a "get tough" policy.

Police harassed carpool drivers, and King was arrested on a false speeding charge.

9 rustin bayard montgomery diary in daybreak of

His house was bombed while his wife, Coretta , and infant daughter were at home, but they were unharmed. Nixon's home was also bombed, with little damage.

Later in the year, Abernathy's church and other churches and parsonages were bombed. Rosa Parks Fingerprinted On January 30, MIA leaders decided that because the city government would not accept their moderate demands, they would challenge the constitutionality of bus segregation—no longer seeking its reform but its abolition. Meanwhile, in one of a string of blunders, city leaders indicted nearly boycott leaders on conspiracy charges under an old anti-union law.

They prosecuted King first, and his trial and conviction in March brought negative national publicity to the city as well as support and funds for the cause. In June , halfway through the boycott, the federal court in Montgomery ruled in Browder v.

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He was a consultant on the award-winning HBO dramatic film "Boycott", based on his book. Daybreak of freedom : the Montgomery bus boycott. Stewart Burns. Description Table of Contents Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Industry Reviews An insightful documentary history of the nation s most successful nonviolent mass protest.

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9 Rustin Bayard Montgomery Diary In Daybreak of Freedom The Montgomery Bus

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