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Forensic Accounting
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Members of UK Chartered Bodies are also welcome into the programme. Applicants without the above qualifications may also be considered, provided that they held a managerial position for at least ten years. Commencement of course Students may apply for admission and start their studies anytime in the year.

Students re-sitting or re-taking a course or changing their centre of study assume full risk of such changes and of any additional fees applicable at the time. Intranet Downloads Blog. Toggle navigation.

Forensic accountant - Wikipedia

Graduate programmes LL. M in Commercial Law LL. M in European Law LL. M in General Law LL.

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To benefit from the huge employment and consulting opportunities that abound in forensic accounting, you need to acquire the necessary skills and experience. The first step in the journey to becoming a forensic accountant is to join any recognised accountancy professional body in your country, write the relevant exams, and meet the work experience requirement.

Information about Forensic Accounting Degrees

Accomplishing above requirements means that you have laid the foundation upon which to build your investigative accounting career. Some universities now offer both BSc and Masters Programme in forensic accounting. In as much as these are invaluable qualifications to get, you still need to be professionally qualified before you can be licensed to practice.

Data analytics in audit

Am yet to know any country where someone with just academic qualification is allowed to practice as a forensic accountant. I have been in a gathering where people were debating on the of fraud examiner to act as a forensic accountant.

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The fact is that these are two different but somehow connected disciplines. This type of accounting can be difficult, but rewarding. Forensic accountants are accountants that combine general accounting knowledge with investigative skills in many different settings. These types of accountants can be employed by public and private accounting firms, law enforcement agencies, private companies, financial institutions, and government organizations.

Accountants in this area combine their knowledge of accounting and finance with law investigative techniques to determine if an activity is illegal, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Steps for Becoming a Forensic Accountant

They perform research to trace funds, identify assets, and they conduct forensic analysis of financial data. They prepare reports and findings, and also prepare data for litigation; testifying if necessary. Your degree should be in forensic accounting, accounting, finance, or any other related fields.