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At that time, they performed this procedure without anesthesia. The doctor would show you the ice cream you would get afterward, then they put something into your mouth to keep it open, and then the nurse held you.

You could not close your mouth. The doctor, then, with a pair of scissors took out both of your tonsils.

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You see, at the time, I thought my dad owned all the cars in the city! The memory of this childhood experience with a father who teaches and explains, especially when we are experiencing pain, gives us an idea of our relationship with God, his greatness but also his closeness.

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Using everyday examples and conversational language, Rose takes the main topics from the sixty-three chapters of Heaven and Hell and demonstrates how these concepts relate to our lives right now. He helps us picture life in heaven and life in hell, and he shows how we are continually building a spiritual home and lifestyle inside of us - one that we will fully awaken to after death. Frank began painting in his teens. He graduated from the Bryn Athyn Theological School in and then served for 51 years as an ordained clergyman in Europe, Canada and the United States, doing painting on the side. Frank and his wife Louise moved to Tucson, Arizona in where he served as pastor of Sunrise Chapel until his retirement in