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A collection of short essays on the awakening of consciousness.

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Topics include the essence of spirituality, the search for happiness, meditation, letting go, the pure self, love, forgiveness, synchronicity, and the nature of consciousness. Today, we are collectively honing in on their essential teachings. As we do their timeless wisdom not only becomes increasingly clear; it gets simpler and simpler.

And the path becomes easier and easier. The book is short—a mere sixty pages—but, like many others, I know that in times of information overload I appreciate shorter books. The various short essays are seeds to be dropped into our consciousness, where they may germinate and grow to inspire our own journey of awakening.

A month or so ago, I had a vision of a seed, a little sprout and a giant tree- all flowing one after the next. The final aspect, The giant tree, is a symbol of ring anchored in God. I wanted to email this to friends and was not allowed. I was told my email address was not valid, could you please help me understand this. If it works, try the rest of your friends. Sorry for not being more specific, but I hope that helps!

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All of that has to die. It is a kind of intelligence, a kind of being that is far beyond anything terrestrial. This is the path of the deceiver, who uses our sense of self to entice us to become a devil. For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.

He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me. He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.

In other words, that law of Christ which seeks to stimulate the consciousness to grow, seeks to push that consciousness to abandon its shell, to escape the seed. And that seed is where we come from. Everything that we are now is just a modification of the seed that we received from our parents — that sexual seed. Contained in that seed is the entire history of humanity.

Where else did that seed come from? That seed that was you in the womb came from that long lineage of human animals producing seeds, and dying, and producing seeds, and dying, until now, here you are — the recipient. The embodiment of those thousands of generations is all there encoded into your blood, into your mind.

We have to break free of that. We have to shatter that cage, that history. Our father and mother in this Gospel are symbolic of all of those forces — physical, emotional, mental and spiritual — that gave rise to us. If we love these things more than Christ, we are not worthy of Christ. This also applies to religions, to countries, to politics. Many people are proud of their race or their gender or their religion, but when you actually awaken your consciousness , you begin to receive, consciously, the memories of your inheritance.

You remember past lives, past existences when you were Roman, or Greek, or Asian, or a man or a woman.

Bat Nha: The Indestructible Seed of Awakening – Plum Village

What then of this religion that you grasp onto in this life? What then of your gender? What then of your politics? All of these things are like illusions that we cleave to and grasp on to; in other words, they are shells. Anyone can have this experience if they awaken their consciousness. Awakening is not a matter of belief; it is not a matter of having an idea. It can never be arrived at through the repetition of any physical action — even chanting a mantra , or circumambulating a stupa or a temple, or a ritual, or meditation.

No physical action can awaken your consciousness ; no belief can awaken your consciousness ; no idea, no theory, no thought, no book. Only you can, by using it and being present, by remembering yourself, by being mindful. Awakening is the perception of the actual reality.

It is an intuitive perception of what truly is. This has nothing to do with belief. When the consciousness begins to awaken in the positive way, we begin to see beyond these shells; we begin to see beyond even religion. You see: religions, theories, doctrines and teachings only point to the door — they are not the door itself. The door itself is inside of you; it is your consciousness. This is why in the Bible, in Corinthians, it says:.

We need to awaken the consciousness , not just believe. And we do this not merely through self-observation and self-remembering, but by applying those three factors, consciously. And by way of that, we start to eliminate the impurities and create more consciousness. The clue or the secret is within the other seed that we have within: the sexual seed. Our consciousness , in this analogy, is described as this sort of seed of the human soul. But everything that we are — everything — is encoded in our sexual seed.

Our very level of being is encoded in our sexual seed. Everything that we have, that we have ever been, is there, and everything that we can become is there, in the sexual seed. Therefore, if we learn to work with that seed in a pure way, to sow a seed of incorruption, we can create the soul. This is why it says, continuing in Corinthians:. Behold, I show you a mystery; we shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.

For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality. So when this corruptible shall have put on incorruption, and this mortal shall have put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written, Death is swallowed up in victory. O death, where is your sting?

O grave, where is your victory? In other words, our seed, which is corrupted, must become uncorrupted. We have to put on that which is incorruptible: to change. And we know that the way to do this is also hidden in the Bible, because it says in the book of John:. That seed is the sexual seed. And we know this is so because of the laws of Moses. In Leviticus he makes it very clear that the emission of the semen or the seed makes one impure or corrupt.

This is why in Tantra , all Tantric initiates of pure Tantra or upright Tantra take a vow to retain the seed, to hold the seed, to transform it. But when that force is held in the body, it also can create a new body, but not a physical body — it can create one in another dimension, in other levels of life. This is what we call the soul. Jesus explained this very clearly to Nicodemus. This is why we know that there is such a strong relationship between sex and mind.

Our mind, our consciousness , is corrupt because of sex.

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When we transform our use of sex, we transform our mind. These two are inseparable. It is the same word. In Tibetan, it is byans sems, which can be translated either as semen or as the mind of enlightenment. This relationship between sex and mind is also evident in the Gospel, when Jesus says that even when you look at a woman with lust , you have committed adultery, meaning even the idea of it, even the thought of it is a crime, is an abuse of sexual energy. This is why, in the book of Peter, it says:. The loins are a reference to the sexual force, and to gird it means to have control — but it is not just physically; it is in the mind.

Later, in the same book of Peter, he says:.

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To awaken the seed of the human soul is a very difficult, very rigorous work. It cannot be accomplished by any mechanical means. It can only be accomplished if these factors are brought into balance with each other, to consciously perform these three factors while also transforming the sexual force.

These basic parameters provide the framework, but to actually do it is extremely difficult, and the reason is because of our own mind. Our own mind convinces us of many things which are not true. After we have studied to this teaching for a while — listened to the lectures, studied the books, learned the practices — our mind can convince us that we know how to perform these three factors.

Our mind can convince us that we already know how to observe ourselves, and that we are already conscious. The mind is a great deceiver. It is necessary for us to continually revise our understanding of the teaching; the fate of our soul is at stake. But more than that, the fate of humanity is at stake.

Because within our seed, both sexual and as consciousness , rests the entire fate of this planet. Do you grasp that? It is not just your soul that hangs in the balance; it is the fate of this entire race. One seed that emerges from its shell, that renounces self, that longs for that light, that transforms its waters, and takes from the earth the elements that it needs, and grows and turns into a great tree, can feed an entire system of organisms. And we have seen this with Buddha, with Jesus, with Krishna, and many others who developed their own seed and became great beings, driven by the force of love, of care for others — not greed for power, not for recognition, but to help.

Every human organism has that potential if we are serious and we do it. So let us begin by awakening now, by paying attention to our mind, being observant of ourselves, changing, not allowing our mechanical habits to guide our life straight into the grave, but to bring new forces from moment to moment through our process of self-observation and self-remembering.

Q: You keep mentioning that mechanical means cannot achieve the awakening of consciousness , but even the Dalai Lama will say that reciting prayers — mechanically, even — or doing physical lamasery exercises, doing meditation — these are the tools. The awakening of consciousness is not just something that happens, it is a slow process, obviously, and these are all tools that we need.

So mechanically we cannot achieve it, but these are tools that we need.


Listen to Seeds of Awakening now.

A: Yes, we need all the tools of prayer and meditation , the different practices that we use for the three brains and for the consciousness. However, for centuries people have been doing these practices — centuries — and how many have awakened their consciousness , how many have created the soul , how many have become great Buddhas? This is the point. We cannot just rely on the practices. When you do the practices — whatever the tradition, whatever the practice — do it consciously. Make sure you are working with all of the factors necessary for that practice to be effective — this is the point.

There are many who come to Gnosis , and who read a couple of books, and study, and may call themselves Gnostic, and begin to use pranayamas or try to meditate, but they do not do it consciously. In this way, they have no idea what Gnosis is — no clue, because they are not using it consciously. On the other hand, if you teach someone how to be conscious, to really do it, that is what they need. They will get more from their moment-to-moment experience than someone who has memorized all of the books and all of the practices. This is the essential factor.

We always study these three factors, but if we do them mechanically, if we do them just from belief or idea, or just as repetition, they are a waste of time — all of them. The practices are pointless unless we awaken consciousness. It is like the difference between the Ark of Noah and the Tower of Babel. Let me give you an example of what I mean. One of the main things that we study in Gnosis and also in Hinduism and Buddhism is the use of mantra. And there is a great emphasis on mantra , especially in Hinduism and Buddhism.

But let me point something out: the mantras are a collection of sounds. So is the language that we use every day. Everything I have been saying for the last half an hour uses all the same sounds that are in the mantras, so why should my speech and dialogue not have the same result? We have all been talking for years and years and years — why has that not produced the awakening of the consciousness?

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Superficially, the only difference is the arrangement of the letters, and even if you said that mantra over and over and over for forty years, it does not guarantee your consciousness will awaken, because the real difference is the use of the consciousness. Conversely, I can talk about anything, but if I awaken my consciousness while I talk, the sound of my voice can act as a mantra , because there is a vibration that is producing the same vowels, the same notes. This is why the words that the angels and masters speak are sacred — because they come from an awakened consciousness.

They become mantras. These are the seed sounds, the seed mantras which are within all forms of matter. Your body has a seed mantra , a key note in other words. Achieving our goal does not occur just by doing practices. When it comes from the mouth of your God, your inner Buddha, your inner Being, that is the one. They do it mechanically. They will sit to meditate, and instead of actually meditating with the consciousness , they will repeat a mantra mechanically, while their consciousness is asleep; they may sit in the perfect posture, but they are just thinking the whole time, or spacing out, or fantasizing, or daydreaming — that is why the practice does not work.

It is not the fault of the practice, of the mantra , or the posture, or the rune, or whatever it is; it is the fault of a sleeping consciousness. If you are really conscious, if you really learn how to awaken your consciousness in the moment, you can perceive things beyond the physical senses very rapidly. It is up to you. You can have an experience of Samadhi in your first practice of meditation.

You can perceive God, you can talk with an angel, you can get out of your body — if you know how to work with the consciousness , if you know how to dominate the mind. Unfortunately, we are so habituated to the cage of our mind and our sense of self, that we want to take that cage with us into Samadhi. To really experience what meditation is, you have to abandon everything that has anything to do with your sense of self. This is why we always start meditation by relaxing the three brains. These three brains correspond to our psyche; we start with the physical body.

Always begin your meditation practice by relaxing your physical body.

Any vestige of tension is enough to cease the meditation. Deep relaxation is essential. Then we need to relax the emotional center, which is related with the Astral Body. This is our psychological mood. We need to observe our mood: we may have anxiety, or expectations, or fear, or attachment of some form, emotionally, that may be stirred up from the events of the day. Any of these emotional qualities is enough to cause the emotional center to vibrate and to keep our sense of self centered here, in the body.

Likewise, we have to relax the mind, related with Netzach.