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I enjoy those things, so I have them. To keep him in practice, I have him read me a bedtime story every night and occasionally I let him burp me. I want to have a child. I really do. I think about it every day—and every day I change my mind: I want one now. I want one now. Well, you get the idea. Giving birth is just so much pain. A lot of women I know believe in natural childbirth.

Mercy, mercy me! Just thinking about that pain makes me want to take drugs sometimes I even drive down to the hospital and demand an epidural. But, I can get a pretty good glow by enjoying a steam bath followed by some assorted skin creams. But I would like to have a child. I probably would be overprotective of my child, though. I know my parents had a problem explaining this to me. In a hamburger? Good night. By sex I mean, of course … sex. In other words, you might have two consenting adults, a coconut, a pound of confetti, and a very thirsty yak. If it makes it easier for you, paint the child green and put a fake eye on its forehead.

Then the President can explain sex to the child. I mean, what else has the President got to do? On second thought, this might not be such a great technique. And you know how the lighting is at those bars. I mean, everybody looks good. Help me! Tell a little story. Well, the Detective Bear shadows the Papa Bear for a week. Then he tells the Mama Bear that every night, after work, Papa Bear goes to the same hotel room in the Poconos. There is a big fat queen bee, and she likes her honey. You know, I think the best idea is just to let the child watch cable TV. I would talk to a child about sex.

But ever since becoming well known through my appearances on television, people seem to be a lot more curious about those things. Well, I guess I do have the right to not tell. Yes, I will tell you what you want to know about me. It is one of my favorite recipes, and I bet dollars to donuts that after you try it out, it will be one of your favorites, too. Oddly enough, you can put a chip down on any number. But I digress. They usually dress up as agents, valet parkers, or second-unit directors instead. Now, on with the recipe. Maybe, just that it would go really really really far.

EGGS How did people ever figure out that eggs were edible? In fact, there are pictures in a cave in the south of France showing a Neanderthal crunching into an egg and getting a big mouthful of egg shells; to the side there are other Neanderthals pointing at him and laughing. But who got the last laugh? Also, this might not be true. People probably started eating some foods because they saw other animals eating them first. Hey, I can talk. To this day, people are still eating huge forkfuls of beets and asking God in Heaven how anybody decided that this could be food.

I was just thinking about them. I wonder what happened during their evolution to allow them to shoot out ink behind them. Some people think they developed this talent to avoid predators. BUTTER If you have a moral or health reason for not using butter, then you can substitute some other lubricant, such as margarine, oil, or Vaseline. In a pinch you can rub a peanut really hard and fast over your pan. It might take a year or two to cook the Real Frenchy French Toast properly.

The same holds true for a candle. Go to the kitchen, use the stove, and stop being such a big baby. To Cook Now, do what I do. Taking a shower with someone. Pet sitting. Pie eating contests. A mud bath followed by a Shiatsu massage. Having somebody read to you. Reading to someone else. Writing a book. I skirt so much that it would not be inappropriate for someone to call me Skirty, though I can guarantee that I will never answer to that nickname. First, let me just say, Wow!

Some people have a lot of free time! But to actually take time to write to a magazine about it? I have to conclude, however, that if one person wondered that, probably others have too.

If you must know, years ago when I was young and impressionable, after eating some fermented berries at Camp Tatchey-Too Too, I had both my legs completely tattooed with designs of bougainvillaea. Now, if I wear a skirt, I am constantly bothered by bees. I hope that clears that up. Thank you for your curiosity. All kidding aside—actually, I change my mind.

I want the kidding right there in front where we all can see it. The main point of this book is kidding.

My Point .And I Do Have One - Ellen Degeneres | SANDEEP KUMAR SAHU 14BME -

So forget that: the kidding stays or I go. Now, where was I? Oh yeah. So, what am I trying to say? Probably something about how unfair it is to be judged by appearances. Yeah, that sounds right. It is unfair to be judged by appearances. Of course, I forget that sometimes. Wait a minute, I should clear that up. I can already see some reviewer singling that quote out. But, if you did say that, nobody would know what you meant, and probably more than one person would ask you to kindly stop chuckling.

High heels should be outlawed at the very least there should be a five-day waiting period before you can buy them. They destroy your feet. It should be mandatory that the Surgeon General print a warning label on high heels like they do on a package of cigarettes i. I know that I should just accept the way I look. And, on the small chance that they may help you, too, here they are.

That would be stupid. So, nice shoes and nice socks are all you need. It should be well-groomed—be it long or short. But, just in case, always check your hair every morning for spaghetti. Any type of pasta aside, your hair should be trimmed regularly and have a clean, fresh appearance. Well, that goes for your overall body really—it should be clean and fresh. You should try to not have any perspiration or very little and smell good. Nice odor is important. Now makeup, in my humble opinion, is optional.

Either way, makeup is optional. Why must women wake up and paint their faces? Who came up with this idea? So, if you wash and moisturize, if you care to wear makeup, go right ahead. I only suggest reconsidering. Is it totally necessary? If you are a man the same rule applies. Also if you care to shave, go ahead and shave. They should be comfortable, not stifling or too conservative. It is definitely making a strong statement that others may react negatively to. It may have given up hope and be lying dead on your scalp.

Or, craving oxygen, it might be jutting out in surreal spikes. There may also have been spaghetti in your hat before you put it on. In that case, go back to the earlier tip. Speak clearly and directly in an even tone, loud enough to be heard but not so loud as to be annoying. Have you put on those good shoes? But you realize that fourteen is actually thirteen, so what good does it do?

So we all know that this is really Chapter 13 even though it says Chapter Fear of losing control of the volume of your speech while saying something Fear of flying. Fear of combing your hair so hard your head bleeds while your date is Fear of speaking in waiting in the front room. Fear of having the uncontrollable urge of shaving not only your head, but the Fear of high places.

Fear of dying. Fear of eating way too many oranges for no apparent reason. It had to be started, obviously, by one guy— one guy telling a little kid a bedtime story. He just threw in the boogeyman. Clearly it caught on. Who knew it would turn out to be such a big hit? Maybe he could try to sue K. My point … and I do have one, is that I still get scared at night.

Every tiny creak, every little noise, I open my eyes real wide and listen with them. Have you noticed that? Sometimes what a person fears is actually the thing that they desire. For instance, if somebody is afraid of ice cream it could mean that they desire ice cream hence the saying, I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. However, if that person is allergic to ice cream, it probably means that they desire hives or some other type of rash.

So, I will try looking into my heart to see what frightens me. Do I really believe in ghosts? Sometimes I do. I watch these supernatural phenomena shows about people who have seen doors and windows open and close and furniture move around the room. The house I live in now might have a ghost. When I first moved into this house, strange things happened. A sliding door opened. Well then, my skeptical friend, explain why there was a man standing in the middle of my bedroom dressed in some turn-of-the-century attire.

But it could have been a ghost. Or what if they put some sort of chip in your brain that made you kill at their command or, even worse, made your favorite radio station the easy-listening one? Oh, I know.

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The scariest thing in the world almost happened to me the other day. Let me tell you about it. But first, a warning: If you are faint of heart, it would be a good idea to have a registered nurse nearby while you read this tale of near-terror. I was at home, I was barefoot, I was about to put my shoes on … Have I set the mood, is your heart beating fast? Like a fool, I was just going to slip my foot into my shoe without looking. Luckily, at the last second I glanced down. In my shoe was … a huge spider—a big black-and-orange, hairy, crunchy spider.

I almost put my foot right on it. Stepping on a spider has to be the scariest thing in the world. Actually, do you know what would be scarier? If, after putting on the one shoe I then recklessly put my foot in the other only to discover that it was teeming with … hundreds of spiders! Oh, now I remember: a whole snorkel of spiders. That would be the scariest thing ever. Maybe you like the great outdoors, but you want to be close to home in case somebody calls. That just blows the spider thing away. It is not possible for there to be anything scarier than that.

Wait, I just thought of something more frightening. Anyway, it turns out that the Frisbee has flown into one of those caves that you see at most beaches. Well, you go to get it and you realize that the Frisbee has gone farther down into that cave than you had thought. So you have to spelunk down into the abysmal depths of the pitch-black cave.

But just before you submerge, a bat bites you on the ear. Oh man, those sharks can smell blood from miles away. So now you can see the shark fins swimming toward you. What a dilemma. I defy you to come up with something scarier than that. So you go to look for that thing, and you think you see it in some bushes. Because a lot of anything is scarier than one something. Think about it. One hundred poodles are scarier than one leopard.

You could come home, open the door, and see a leopard with no legs sitting in your living room. So what could it do? The only way a no-legged leopard could hurt you is if it fell out of a tree onto your head. But you have to admit when that leopard fell on you and clamped down on your head with its teeth, it would be pretty bad.

I would never wear fur. I am wearing it against my will. That is pretty darn terrifying. Believe me, looking back, that was scary enough. Once I had to be taken to the emergency room of a hospital. I sort of wish I did have a worst enemy, though. Because, come to think of it, having them go to the emergency room is exactly the sort of thing that I would wish on them. It would be kind of fun. As it was, it was me suffering and in pain. I got hurt in a real stupid way. Before they tape my sitcom, I go out and warm up the audience a little bit.

Usually I tell jokes, but sometimes I perform feats of strength. You know, like pulling a jeep across the stage using my teeth. Everything was going fine until I relaxed for just one second. Out of nowhere this huge teamster ran over from the donut table and socked me in the gut. It was either a teamster or Dom DeLuise dressed up like a teamster. Okay, I had a cyst. But still, it did hurt like hell. I was in bed doubled over in pain. It really confused my dogs. Ringing the doorbell does the trick. I would have taken an ambulance, but when I called on the phone they told me that you had to book one two weeks in advance.

I never know how much to tip the drivers of those things anyway. We picked up my mother on the way. She wanted to come because that way we could ride in the car pool lane. Also, she works as a speech pathologist at the hospital I was going to. She figured since she was an employee she could make things easier for me. You know, like getting me a good table and giving me the skinny on how things work there. Jones and not Mr. That is, assuming that his last name is Jones. I was doubled over in the car, my face pressed against the window the passenger window, not the front window , crying out in pain.

When we were stopped at red lights, people would look over from the next car. You could see on their faces what they were thinking. My manager would never hit me, but while I was groggy from the pain he did have me sign something that gives him 50 percent of whatever I make. They rushed me into the emergency room: doors slamming, voices overlapping, people running—a flurry of activity.

But as soon as I got in, I had to sit and wait and wait and wait. Here they have this crazy idea of bringing you in based on how serious they feel your illness or injury is. I knew I was in for a long wait when I saw a guy sitting next to me with his arm falling off and his head in his lap. As it was, he was only there for the happy hour. The first thing I had to do, besides proving that I had insurance, was tell them what my symptoms were.

Unfortunately, they recognized me as a comic, so they thought I was trying to be funny, that I was trying out a new part of my act. I started feeling it about two hours ago. Start from the beginning. The admitting nurse started laughing hysterically. That would make it really funny. Everybody else there was watching TV.

Some tests seemed valid; others seemed to serve no purpose at all. Like when one doctor had me sit on a pony and whistle the theme song from Mission Impossible. Jones brought the pony in so we figured we might as well use it. He kept on missing my vein. I got really nervous when I looked down and saw his Seeing Eye dog. She looked at me surprised. I have no idea who this guy is.

He said that my blood looked good and that my urine was clear and looked good too. Maybe I was supposed to tell him that his urine was clear and looked good also. I was tested until midnight. Everybody looked at me. Eventually, by doing an ultrasound, they discovered that I had a cyst that the doctor said was the size of a really, really big cyst.

Finally, at midnight, I was wheeled into my hospital room. It was a little disappointing. No mint on the pillow, no view, no HBO. Shortly afterward they brought me my first meal. They brought me broth and Jell-O, which ironically is one of my favorite meals. But, on the bright side, since the hospital is in Beverly Hills, my gown also had shoulder pads. So, it was slimming and degrading at the same time. I think Cher wore one to the Oscars last year. I was depressed when I woke up the next morning. Because besides being sick, it was my birthday.

They did cheer me up, though, when they brought me my breakfast: broth and Jell-O. Somebody must have known it was my birthday because they put a candle in the broth. That would have to be either the year I decided to eat my age in hard-boiled eggs, the year I thought I had gotten tickets to see the musical Tommy but instead ended up seeing a one-man show based on the life of Tom Bosley, or when I turned twelve and fell off my pony while whistling the theme from Mission Impossible.

On the other hand, I did lose five pounds a lot quicker than I would have by dieting, and I had someone cute tell me that my urine looked good. Luckily I was able to go home after just one day.

But I had to rest for a long time. My character was always lying in bed with her feet slightly elevated. Every now and then they would cut to me and I would just react to whatever action was taking place and say something like. Everybody was so happy to see me. Well, everybody but Erik Estrada. I think it would be a completely different show, him playing Ellen instead of me. The whole experience of being sick and going to the emergency room has really made me value how good life is without a cyst. It has also made me appreciate the little things in life.

For instance, just the other day I was sure that I had an awful stomach ulcer. It turned out that I had just left one of the pins in my new blouse. Some of the answers I search for are to questions like: What is the meaning of life? How did it all begin? Is there such a thing as infinity? Sometimes I just sit in my den and watch Wheel of Fortune. That Vanna White sure seems like a sweet girl—so happy and upbeat. She has been sitting on a tree stump rocking back and forth with little beads and a tiny book in her hands for two hours—praying sort of out loud. What could you possibly pray about for two hours?

Keep it short. There are people in Yemen who would like to talk. There will be no time for miracles today. Thanks for everything in my life. Thanks especially for helping me find that parking space today. That was sweet of you. But then I remember how insignificant that is, and I thank God that I have a car and my health and gas. I meant gasoline for my car.

I was raised a Christian Scientist and was taught to believe that we could heal our bodies through prayer, that sickness was an illusion that could be defeated by the power of the spirit. Since my family were Christian Scientists, we probably saved a bundle, no aspirin, no medicine at all. We never had to buy any of that stuff. It would have been a waste of money because we never went to the hospital.

It was just me and maybe a few other girls and this guy named Owen who wore a bonnet because he burned easily and was allergic to all other kinds of hats. Sometimes I wonder what God is like. We picture God to look like us. Not exactly. More like Bob Barker. But we assume God has some human form. Maybe God looks more like those drawings of aliens that people have supposedly seen with large heads and huge, black eyes.

Maybe God is a huge sphere with millions of ears or antennas like a satellite dish for excellent reception. Maybe God does look like Wink Martindale. I believe that there is a lot to be learned from the Bible.

Because nobody was writing things down as they happened. Instead, one person told somebody else, who then told someone else, who told Shem, who told Hosea, who told Sinbad, who told Fabio, who told somebody else. So, what started out as a story about Moses going to the beach to get a little sun and maybe go snorkeling became the Red Sea parting and all that stuff. That being said, here are two of my favorite Bible stories: God is in a department store and he asks a woman where the hat section is. Now this story took place a long time ago—when department stores had huge hat sections.

The hats are right next to the Laura Ashley accessories. It might just be a boring story that Linda told me once. I think it was about her selling a scarf to Charles Nelson Reilly. I kept falling asleep, so I must have dreamed the God part. I forget what they were doing, probably lending money. Well, Jesus turns over their tables and exits in a huff, leaving the door to the temple wide open. Note: I wanted to put a story here that I used to do in my stand-up act about a phone call to God.

It would take about a half hour, so it was usually better for other people to pay my bills. The piece is very funny. I start off saying how I feel that everything on this earth is here for a reason, that there are no mistakes. God who? Godzilla , and explain to me why there are fleas to support people in the flea-collar industry. This was the funny part. There are two reasons. Anyway, like I said, I love dancing. Well, I believe that, but dancing is next to cleanliness, and singing along to the radio in a convertible with the wind whipping through your hair is next to dancing, and walking down a country road at sunset is next to singing along with the radio with the wind whipping through your hair, and walking down a country road at dawn is next to walking down a country road at sunset.

I have a good dance background. I rarely missed Soul Train while growing up. I call it the Ellie-Gellie. Alrightee, first thing we have to do is get into our dance gear. That could be a leotard, sweats, glittery tights, whatever … Hey, I like that. It looks good on you, accentuates your body in just the right way.

Next we need to do some stretching. Big Stuff, so go right ahead. That Ellen DeGeneres is sure a terrible dance inventor. All right, everybody else except for that creep ready? Hit play on the CD player, tape player, record player, or whatever kind of player you happen to be using, and crank up the volume! Not quite that loud. Turn it down just a bit. First, throw your left arm up in the air and shake your head up and down, but not too much.

Still too much … still too much … what are you, stupid? Stop all that ridiculous shaking! I said to shake your head mildly! Next, with arm still up in the air, do something with one of your legs. There, very good. I like that. Now, do a different movement with the other leg. Tracing the Pororari river along the west coast of the South Island, the Paparoa Track winds through Paparoa National Park, a reserve largely inaccessible until now.

Built by the Department of Conservation for hikers and mountain bikers, the mile trail hiked in three days; biked in two departs from a historic mining town and traverses epic limestone gorges, beech forests and sandstone bluffs before culminating at the Punakaiki Blowholes. For a small fee, travellers can stay overnight in two new bunk huts overlooking the southern Alps and Tasman Sea.

Evan Rail. Calgary was founded in the East Village area in , with a fort built to curb the growing whiskey trade, but the area suffered roughly 70 years of neglect before the Calgary Municipal Land Corp, formed in , began transforming the area, adding parks, attractions and high-rises. Later this year, the multiuse building M2 promises more shops and restaurants beside the Bow river. Even so, it remains largely unspoiled, and activists are working hard to keep it that way. Steven Lee Myers. The 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing will draw crowds to Huntsville — aka Rocket City — home of the Marshall Space Flight Centre, where the spacecraft that launched astronauts to the moon were developed.

Throughout the year, there will be daily reenactments of the moon landing at the US Space and Rocket Centre, but the biggest thrills are planned for the anniversary week of the Apollo 11 lunar landing mission in July. Beginning on launch day, 16 July, the centre will attempt to break a Guinness World Record by launching 5, model rockets at 8.

Festivities will continue with a classic car show, concerts, a homecoming parade and a street party in downtown Huntsville — the same location where Apollo workers celebrated after the successful mission. Ingrid K Williams. The Falkland Islands, far off the coast of Argentina, offer an astonishing variety of wildlife that includes five kinds of penguins, hundreds of bird species, seals, sea lions and whales, as well as remote natural beauty that travellers often have to themselves.

Two new local touring companies are increasing accessibility to the riches of the islands. Nell McShane Wulfhart. Just as many famous European overnight train routes have been retired, the Caledonian Sleeper, the train that travels through the night from London to the north of Scotland, is rolling out new carriages for summer. The new cars preserve the romance of overnight trains, in contemporary comfort, with a choice of hotel-style suites, classic bunk beds or seats.

The Highlander route to Aberdeen leaves Euston station in the evening and hits the Scottish coast by 5 am, so travellers who take an early breakfast in the dining car can enjoy coastal views as the sun rises get off at Leuchars for medieval St Andrews. Off the train, Aberdeen and its surroundings offer historic castles set in fields of purple heather, in pine woods and along the dramatic coastline. Palko Karasz. The well-known pearls of the Ligurian Riviera — Portofino, Cinque Terre, Portovenere — are overwhelmed with tourists, a problem so acute that in some areas authorities have debated measures to stem the flow of daytrippers.

But just a few miles away, between Portofino and Genoa, remains a peaceful sliver of coastline rarely explored by travellers to the region. Known as the Golfo Paradiso, this small gulf is home to five often-overlooked villages, including Camogli, a colourful fishing hamlet as charming as any of the Cinque Terre. Italians will boast about the renowned local cuisine: fresh-caught anchovies, hand-rolled trofie pasta and cheese-filled focaccia from the town of Recco, a speciality that recently earned IGP status, a prestigious Italian designation for quality food products.

Between meals, explore blooming gardens in Pieve Ligure, beaches in Sori and the romanesque abbey of San Fruttuoso, which is accessible only by boat or a long, sweaty hike. To celebrate the Bauhaus centennial, cities around Germany will hold events, from the opening festival in Berlin — several days of art, dance, concerts, theatre, lectures and more this month — to the debut of the Bauhaus Museum in Weimar, where the movement was born.

But the most compelling destination might be Dessau. And in September, Dessau opens its long-awaited Bauhaus Museum, a glassy, minimalist rectangle that will showcase typefaces, textiles, artwork, furniture and more from the movement. Seth Sherwood. Freedom is what makes Tunis unique. Eight years after it kicked off the Arab Spring, it remains the only Arab capital with real freedom of expression, not to mention the peaceful rotation of power. But the city holds many other charms. The carefully preserved old medina dates from the 12th to the 16th century, when Tunis was a major centre of the Islamic world.

The tree-lined Avenue Habib Bourguiba downtown bears the influence of decades of French rule. And the cafes, art galleries and blue-and-white hues of the neighbourhood of Sidi Bou Said, overlooking the Mediterranean, have long lured European painters, writers and thinkers. A short taxi ride away are the beaches and nightclubs of La Marsa. The French-influenced north African food is delicious. The local red wines are not bad.

And, in another regional rarity, Tunis in elected a woman its mayor. David D Kirkpatrick. In January, a new bridge over the Gambia river, three decades in the making, will be inaugurated with a nearly mile relay run to Dakar, Senegal. New and coming hotels, including the African Princess Beach Hotel, and two properties by Thomas Cook, will serve as stylish bases. And new direct flights from Europe make getting to this west African country easier than ever. Ratha Tep. The coastline just below the New South Wales-Queensland border is known as the Northern Rivers thanks to the tidal system snaking through it.

Anchored by Byron Bay, the area has become a beacon for those seeking a breezy boho way of life. In recent years a more moneyed, stylish vibe has settled in and seeped from Byron into neighbouring small towns. Besha Rodell. Dutch campground resorts like Beleef Lauwersoog offer excursions to nearby Schiermonnikoog island and have expanded lodging options with new barrel-shaped sleeping pods and refurbished overwater bunkers, once used by duck hunters, on remote swaths of the North Sea.

The Fanoe Oyster Festival, next in October , has lured chefs across Denmark with an annual oyster cooking competition. At Hudson Yards, the largest single development since Rockefeller Centre took shape in the Depression, a cultural arts centre called the Shed will go into gear.

Why I Walked Out on Tony Robbins

Its largest theatre is a retractable structure on wheels that creeps back and forth like a giant steel caterpillar, turning the outdoor space of a plaza into indoor space for performances. James Barron. The leadup to the next Winter Games is well underway in and around Beijing, and the spectacle is breathtaking. It has transformed into a glistening winter sports hub filled with restaurants, inns and watering holes. At least five ski resorts now surround the city, including places like Genting Secret Gardens, Fulong and Thaiwoo, which has an on-property brewery, a mid-mountain chalet that serves Swiss and Austrian fare, and brand new gondolas.

A high-speed train from Beijing to Chongli should open in Nearly all of the snow comes from a cannon, and runs average about 1, vertical feet. Tim Neville. A new wine enterprise, Doe Bay Wine Co, is presenting its Orcas Project in — a collaboration between acclaimed winemakers and vineyards in the Pacific northwest. Ventures from James Beard-nominated chef Jay Blackinton, who owns Hogstone, a former pizzeria now featuring ambitious nose-to-tail fare, and its more upscale counterpart Aelder, are also on the horizon.

Another addition to the island are the luxury suites at Outlook Inn, in the town of Eastsound, overlooking Fishing Bay. If you have ever wanted to travel the Silk Road, now may be the time to go. After more than 25 years since the fall of the Soviet Union, the former member country of Uzbekistan is going through its own perestroika. Among the modernising reforms are better official exchange rates and the ability to book flights and apply for visas online. In addition to the relatively new Hyatt Regency in Tashkent, other international hotels are expected to open in the coming years.

Erin Levi. The Loen Skylift ferries travel more than 3, feet to the top of Mount Hoven in just a few minutes, while fearless climbers can put on a harness, hire a guide and make roughly the same journey in six hours, following a path that features one of the longest suspension bridges in Europe. After sightseeing, relax over an ale made with kveik, a local yeast that has enthralled brewers and scientists around the world in recent years for its fruity aromas and higher-than-normal fermentation temperatures.

You can find it at bars like Tre Bror, in Voss, the Smalahovetunet restaurant and brewery nearby. Beer lovers who want to learn and taste more can time their visit to coincide with the October Norsk Kornolfestival, which features close to beers made with kveik, often including juniper and other traditional regional ingredients. Football fans should set their sights on France this summer, especially Lyon, where we could see the US women will clinch their fourth World Cup title in the final match 7 July.

This year, Lyon plays host to an International City of Gastronomy project. A contribution from a third Pritzker prize-winner, Zaha Hadid, is slated to materialise in the form of a swooping, curvaceous stadium; another stadium, from Pritzker-winner Norman Foster, is also under construction.

Already a popular escape for Russians, Iranians, Turks and Israelis, the city is preparing itself for its inevitable discovery by the rest of the world: new hotels — including Le Meridien Batumi and a Batumi instalment of the design-centric boutique Rooms Hotel line — are rising, and a cable car will swing straight to the coast from the hilltop Batumi Botanical Garden. Jean Nouvel has just finished his striking new red, white and blue skyscraper La Marseillaise. Other districts in the heart of Marseille are being transformed as well. Alexander Lobrano.

In , the Territory of Wyoming passed the first law in US history granting women the right to vote — nearly 51 years before the 19th amendment guaranteed the same entitlement to all women. Los Angeles too often gets boiled down to its least interesting element: Hollywood. But in summer there will be an honest-to-goodness Hollywood reason to visit the area. Promised are interactive exhibits about the art and science of filmmaking, starry screenings in two theatres and to-die-for memorabilia — the collection includes a pair of ruby slippers, 12 million photographs, 61, posters and , video assets.

Brooks Barnes. Ngor or rent a board for a few hours to surf the more than a half dozen beaches that offer a terrific year-round break. Or just sit back and watch the surfers while eating grilled fish at a long strip of beach restaurants. A Museum of Black Civilisations will be opening early this year and will showcase artefacts as well as contemporary art from Africa and the diaspora.

Day trips let you sleep in a baobab tree, zip line through a baobab forest or swim in a pink lake. But climate change, overfishing and a booming population may eventually take their toll. Dionne Searcey. A decade-long development boom has supercharged Perth. To accommodate the expected growth in tourism, 31 new or redeveloped hotels have opened in the past five years, including the luxury COMO, the hip QT and a Westin.

Since , liquor law reforms, including a change that let restaurants serve drinks without a meal, have changed the drinking and dining scene with more than small bars opening in the central business district alone. And Qantas started a nonstop flight from London to Perth this year, the first from Europe. Kelly DiNardo. After Britain returned its former colony to China in , Hong Kong prided itself on resisting mainland interference.

Last year saw the opening of a high-speed train that takes passengers all the way to Beijing, and a mile sea bridge linking Hong Kong to the mainland for the first time, opening the question of whether that independent streak can survive. For travellers, though, boarding a train at the new West Kowloon station bound for Beijing — and more than 30 other destinations in China — is a game changer.

The 1,mile trip to Beijing is just nine hours, and the business-class seats are roomy. As well, he has noticed an older clientele, too; thus, he focuses on ROM and flexibility as to ensure the body moves correctly with age. I have found these to be the best for shoulder mobility. The bowling-pin-type clubs consist of varying weights and choreographed routines.

The new goals and moves help his clients to keep reaching for the best in physicality and keep Williams challenged toward doing what he loves best. While a trend toward boot camps and other group training remains present in fitness, Williams sticks to one-on-one, personalized service. Around the block of Market Street, four buildings stand full of treasures and unique finds in furniture, stemware, china, plant and garden finds, and so much more.

When previous owner Sam Dunn retired last year, she sold the shop to a gentleman who had been working with her for 14 years, Andrew Keller. By staying honest and passionate with customers, Keller ensures The Ivy Cottage reaps great rewards in loyalty and trustworthiness. Consignors can remove any items before markdown dates. Keller is constantly remodeling the four buildings—one dedicated to garden items, one to their warehouse and two others full of furniture and accessories.

He does whatever it takes to remain top-of-mind on the local market. In downtown Front Street hosted a store front filled to the brim with old books. Ran by Mr. Diane and Lloyd Rohler found the shop a perfect fit for their highly read daughter, Gwenyfar. And so the family bookstore began anew. I have been groomed almost my whole life for it: I grew up in one of the largest privately owned libraries not part of a university in the state.

Literature is alive and it flows through my veins. Front Street has moved quite a few blocks to N. Front Street basically because the old building dilapadated in With it has come increased inventory 2 miles of books as well as the evolution of becoming a cultural center. Old Books now hosts poetry readings, Sunday piano concerts with James Jarvis, monthly storytelling competitions, a. Plus, their annual Bloomsday celebration in June, commemorating the life of Irish writer James Joyce, will include a marionette show.

Winning the annual Best Of truly means the world to them. The staff really tries hard to make this a great place to be and to provide service that is personal and fun. Books should be fun. It is really a vote for them and what they do. But, also, everyday someone walks in and tells us that bookstores are dying. The roar of a Harley-Davidson constitutes an American tradition: the open road, freedom, and most importantly the culture that revolves around it. Their year-career thrives due to their passion. Though Harley-Davidson is a brand name, the Wilmington chapter still operates like a small, local business.

Their local efforts have transcended the traditional notion of a biker—the older male—and grown to include younger adults, females, and different ethnicities. They continue to usher in a new market for smaller, urban bikes, such as the H-D Street and —which will debut this spring. For the more traditional biker, their touring models like the H-D Street Glide remain a hot commodity.

As well, they boast a wide selection of accessories, parts and services. In the coming year, Carolina Coast H-D hopes to induct new members into the family. Roaring into second and third place is Performance Cycles and Revolution Motorsports respectively. As well, they afford families the option to recycle old clothes for new clothes through their cash-on-the-spot program or by trading out. The couple has received the unique opportunity to see hundreds of children grow up and eventually return with their own children.

Their multi-generational patronage comes as no surprise with the excellent care they provide customers. Customers receive a friendly smile when entering the store, and their well-trained staff proves vital in ensuring families leave satisfied. Store cleanliness remains key in ensuring families can browse their selections without losing the attention span of their rugrats. The Talbotts also provide critical information on their website and Facebook page—an essential in a technology based world.

Their newly created spacious environment allows not only for more customers, but also fosters a kid-friendly, parent-appreciated floor plan. From the sea-salt air, to the wind-blown sand, to the unexpected bouts with ice, coastal dwelling takes its toll on cars. They offer a full range of cleaning options and even give customers the opportunity to email vehicle cleaning questions.

They boast a dozen Best Car Wash awards and their prioritization of customer happiness gives their wins merit. Maintaining constant communication and figuring out how they can improve proves vital for competing with other Wilmington car washes. They have routine employee training on how to provide attentive customer service. Winning the coveted Best of for Best Car Wash only spurs the humbled car cleaners to do better.

It reminds them that their contribution to the community has an impact and that customers appreciate their efforts. Their safety and well-being, especially when placing them in the hands of strangers, constitutes a priority. They offer customizable options to fit individual pet needs, such as one-on-one play time or specialized treats.

Their facility features an in-ground 7, gallon salt-water swimming pool for dogs and they offer group play for the water-shy pets. As well, they offer luxury accommodations for lodging cats and dogs. Boarding comprises only half of their services as they also groom and train animals. Having partnered with Salty Paws Obedience, they currently offer puppy classes and group classes. Owners wishing to keep an eye on their pet can check out the live webcams found on the Paws Beach website. The pet resort also features a members-only dog park, Bark Park.

Open only to patrons of Paw Beach, it offers a relaxing environment to play with your dog and allow them to socialize with other dogs. In the coming year, they look forward to purveying more pet classes. As well, they hope to continue expanding their training programs to accommodate dogs of all temperaments. In the field of journalism, providing up-to-date news with integrity and passion creates a dedicated and trustworthy partnership between viewer and newscaster.

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And to have my work recognized by members of our community, that just makes it all the better. Fran and John [Evans] were also nominated in this category. So, I felt that no matter whose name ended up on the plaque, it was a win. They make me a better journalist. As a child, she realized she wanted to be a journalist after meeting local anchorman Red Donley at a local Christmas parade.

source site Eventually, she went on to work in Charlotte for four years before moving to Wilmington, NC.