Guide Womens Names in Old English (Studies in Early Medieval Britain and Ireland)

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Certes, I oghte to get outte more. The network is broad in scope and time period, covering the history of women religious from medieval to modern times.

Studies in Early Medieval Britain and Ireland

The network includes academics, archivists, students and others interested in this area of study. Each site can be clicked on to reveal more information about the cemetery, the burials, associated artefacts, references for books and journal articles written about the cemetery, and where the original excavation materials, human remains and artefacts are kept. It provides a point of departure for the exploration of the English landscape and its place-names in the period before the Norman Conquest.

Mapping Medieval Chester: place and identity in an English borderland city c. The focus of the project is the city of Chester and the identities that its inhabitants formed between c. A key aspect of the project is to integrate geographical and literary mappings of the medieval city using cartographic and textual sources and using these to understand more how urban landscapes in the Middle Ages were interpreted and navigated by local inhabitants.

The project will thus not only extend our understanding of how placed-identities were forged in the medieval city through local association and relationships with imagined and material urban landscapes, but also foster transferable methodologies and working models for integrating visual and textual digital data sources in humanities computing projects.

Performative Rituals for Conception and Childbirth in England, 900–1500

These inquisitions, which recorded the lands held at their deaths by tenants of the crown, comprise the most extensive and important body of source material for landholding in medieval England. They describe the lands held by thousands of families, from nobles to peasants, and are a key source for the history of almost every settlement in England and of many in Wales. They are indispensable to local and family historians as well as to academic specialists in areas as diverse as agrarian history and political society.

The project will publish a searchable English translation of the IPMs covering the periods to and to The online texts will be accompanied by a wealth of commentary and interpretation to enable all potential users to use this source easily and effectively. Medieval English Towns The aim of this site is to provide historical information about cities and towns in England during the Middle Ages, with particular but not exclusive emphasis on medieval boroughs of East Anglia and on social, political and constitutional history.

A growing selection of primary documents translated into English relevant to English urban history is included. The Middle English Compendium This has been designed to offer easy access to and interconnectivity between three major Middle English electronic resources: an electronic version of the Middle English Dictionary , a HyperBibliography of Middle English prose and verse, based on the MED bibliographies, and a Corpus of Middle English Prose and Verse, as well as links to an associated network of electronic resources.

These texts were included in previous editions of the Norton Anthology , and are intended principally as a supplement to the new Seventh Edition. Drawing on over contemporary charters, it constructed a unique database which will provide biographical information about all known people in Scotland between and This database is freely available to all.

PoNE: The People of Northern England database This database of the people in the counties of Northumberland, Cumberland and Westmorland is drawn from two types of material, one financial and one legal. The financial material is drawn from pipe rolls from to , and the legal material from plea rolls from to Trinity term It is a unique database since nothing comparable has been constructed before for any English county.

Website contains performance texts, modern editions, and a useful page of links to the study of drama. It features images of places associated with the Yorkist period of English history the late fifteenth century , together with complementary text. The Yorkist period is best known for the Wars of the Roses, a series of bloody civil wars, but Rae and David have also chosen locations that can be linked to more peaceful aspects of the time, such as religious life and trade.

Other places have been singled out because of their connections with important individuals, including King Richard III.

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David uses the photographs as starting points for brief discussions of each of the chosen locations, drawing out the stories of the people who knew them. The roll, unknown until it was rediscovered in the s, describes in exceptional detail the crowns, jewels, and other precious objects belonging to the king and to his two queens, Anne of Bohemia and Isabelle of France. This website brings the treasure to life through images — of the roll, of Richard himself and of many exquisite objects.

These web pages provide unique insight into the changing character of the rural historic landscape of Rockingham Forest from the medieval period through to the late 19th century. The evidence presented shows how what we value in the present landscape originated, which informs how to conserve it.

The website includes maps of the forest and surrounding area over time, a short history, and aerial photographs of the area. London: Quercus. London: Routledge. Text and Transmission in the European Middle Ages, Turnhout: Brepols.

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A Companion to J. Tolkien Blackwell Companions to Literature and Culture. Opuscula , 14 [Details] 'Unlocking Runes? Notes and Queries , New Series, Vol. Networks and Neighbours, Leeds. Toronto Old Norse and Icelandic Series. University of Toronto Press. Toronto, ISBN Becoming a Poet in Anglo-Saxon England. Geburtstag von Walter Koch. Kerry' E.

Call for Papers | International Congress on Medieval Studies | Western Michigan University

Kerry' In: A. Minnis and J. Roberts eds. Turnhout: Brepols. Ballin Smith et al eds. Leiden: Koninkljike. R eds. Writing and Texts in Anglo-Saxon England. Medieval Ireland: An Encyclopedia. Cavill eds.

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